Sony Entertainment Television’s Itti Si Khushi (Director’s Kut Productions) was an innovative concept, well appreciated by the critics in the industry. But it failed to gain numbers as a result of which the channel honchos have decided to shut the show.

Accepted!! But the shocking decision of moving the serial to a surprising time slot of 12 in the midnight has left all in the unit shattered.

Yes, if many of you are still trying to gauge what exactly happened to the show, we tell you that Itti Si Khushi is being aired at 12 midnight, and its repeat is slotted for 9 am every morning. This has been done to accommodate the big-ticket reality show on the channel, Box Cricket League.

Does the time slot shock you too? Here is Anuj Sachdeva, the male protagonist on the show venting out his feelings at this sudden development.

Says Anuj, “Agreed that the channel decided to shut the show since the numbers were not coming in. But could we not have ended the show on a high at the same time slot? Yes, it was a tough decision for all of us associated with the project when we got to know of it ending. Well, to tell you the fact, our ratings have increased last week, and the drama in the show was being loved by the audience. One fine morning, I got up to get the shock that Itti Si Khushi will air at 12 in the night from that day onwards. This was a hard feeling to digest. Many are not even aware of the show been given a late night slot.”

He goes on, “Tell me who watches TV at 12 in the night? Even my mother does not watch TV. It is a bizarre slot, and I think this has not happened with any show on Indian television. Anyways, it was great working with the production house, and the team associated with the show. We really worked hard to give a good product. It is tough for the ones closely associated with the show to accept such a decision; all the 6-8 months of work done on the show prior to its launch just gets washed away when it gets a premature ending.”

Talking about the concept of the show, Anuj states, “We had a lot to do. Our concept of Aman dreaming of doing well in cricket, and Neha helping him in conquering his dreams has not even been touched upon. Instead, the story is headed towards a fast-forward finish. I keep getting messages from fans asking me what I am doing in this show which has gone haywire in its story telling. What can the producers do when they are asked to shut shop in quick time? To sum it up, we are feeling very hurt with this development.”

Guess the two bad outings on Sony TV, earlier with Chhanchan and now with Itti Si Khushi have shaken the actor within him.

Anuj, hope you move on quickly and grab a good enough project soon!!