Kinshuk will be seen in disguise as a Pandit.

Kinshuk Mahajan is back on television after a long time and he does not miss out an opportunity of getting into the skin of varied characters in Naagin Season 2 on Colors.

Recently, the handsome actor donned a bald avtaar for a particular sequence in the show. Kinshuk will be seen in disguise as a Pandit.

Shedding some light on his performance, Kinshuk says,”The character of Rudra is giving me the opportunity of portraying so many looks. I have already projected six to seven looks in the show and it is interesting and engaging. I always believe that to play a character whole-heartedly and convincingly one should look like the role.”

“I am an actor and I am happy to play different roles and I make sure that my approach to each role is different. If someday I will be required to go bald, I will definitely take it up sportingly.” He adds.