Sanchi goes back to her ‘maayka’…

It may be a happy time in the family, but it is certainly not the same for Aryan and Sanchi in Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka on Sony TV.

In the upcoming episode, there will be lots of high voltage drama with Sanchi being insulted by Sarita and the Sethia family members! Sanchi’s father Viren overhears the verbal humiliation and decides to take Sanchi back to her ‘maayka’.

Aryan will be super miffed with Sanchi as she will not even once think about Aryan before leaving the house. The least the innocent man was expecting was for her to express the reason behind this drastic step. He will hence barge into his room and start dumping all of Sanchi’s photographs and other memories in the center of his room to burn it.

Aryan’s father will then rush to him and will shout at how it is important for children to discuss problems with elders than taking drastic steps.

Will Aryan burn away his love for Sanchi also?