Just like Vamps are very important for TV shows, Villains also play an important role in TV shows. While Vamps mostly stick to ‘Gharelu rivalry’, Villains are the ones who pull out the big guns and fire extremely low blows on the protagonists! Check out the top 6 villains from TV shows that caused havoc this year!

Kamal Narayan from Udaan : Kamal Narayan was in jail but recently, he came back to create some drama on the show. Kamal Narayan is definitely one of the best bad guys from Indian television!

Shankachurna from Nagarjun- Ek Yoddha : Shankachurna from Nagarjun is a very strong villain! Mrunal Jain pulls off the character effortlessly and we absolutely love his costume! This is one guy you need to watch out for!

Daksh from Ishqbaaaz : Daksh is pure evil! He just wanted to use Anika for his personal satisfaction and to challenge Shivaay! It’s a good thing that this disaster was averted!

Kailash Kashyap from Jaana Na Dil Se Door : Kailash Kashyap is a very scary villain. He totally looks like a man who can ruin your life with just one click. Intimidating, smart and ruthless is what defines this man best!

Naman from Yeh Rishta Kya Kya Kehlata Hai : Naman was the guy who kidnapped Naitik and pretended to know nothing. This revelation was a major one and it shocked the fans when they found out that he is the real bad guy!

Ashwin Mehrotra from Beyhadh : Ashwin Mehrotra is the father of Maya on the show. Since the first episode, the man had a mystery and a negative aura around him and he is responsible for a lot of negative happenings on the show. We wish to see more of this character on the show!

Who is the worst of them all? Let us know through your comments!