The surprise element of the Colors’ reality show Bigg Boss Season 11 (Endemol) keeps it alive and raring to go.

The high voltage drama is tentatively slated to air from September 24, as we already mentioned before. Now we have some big updates about the show coming in as well.

According to our sources, the upcoming season will have commoners and celebrities as usual. However, the unusual thing is, this time, they won’t be living under the same roof.

Yes! Season 11 will have two houses – one for commoners and another for celebrities apart from the living room, garden area and confession room.

The two houses would be merged after a series of task, something which occurred in the past few seasons of the show (6th,7th, 8th).

Also, this time the commoners would apparently be coming in pairs along with their family members but would be treated as single contestant.

The house is still under construction and according to media reports no visitors are allowed in the vicinity. The workers have been given strict warnings not to use mobile phones in the set. The makers are doing everything possible to make sure leaked any details about the show.