In conversation with Meera Deosthale aka Chakor…

Getting an opportunity to explore the different shades of a character is the best thing that can happen to any actor.

Pretty and popular Meera Deosthale, the female protagonist of Colors’ popular daily Udann (Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada), is enjoying the different shades of her role of Chakor in the daily soap.

In the recent episodes, Chakor has gone through a lot of turmoil and thus Meera got to do a lot of emotional scenes.

Talking about the same, she told us, “It is going good and I am enjoying because I am getting to do something different every time. The mood of the character keeps changing from romantic to angry and it’s sad for whatever she has gone through.”

“It is one of the most complicated characters because she is hurt but cannot show it to anyone else and portraying it is quite difficult as emotionally, I am not like Chakor. It is one of the best characters I will ever play in my life. The character allows me to do action, romance, cry, laugh and everything,” she added.

Sukor (Suraj-Chakor) fans are unhappy with their separation track and they keep expressing their sorrows by writing messages to the team.

When we asked Meera to comment something on it, she said, “The fans are sad but nothing can be done. However, we are giving them some nok jhok scenes so that they don’t miss out on Sukor part.”

Keep up the good work, Meera!