‘Bhai’ nahi to Bigg Boss nahi..!

The world calls him ‘Bhai’ with full affection and he has managed to become this iconic superstar of the nation over the years. Be it his films or his off-screen tales, he has never ceased to entertain the masses for over 26 years. We are talking about none other than, the one and only Salman Khan.

The Bollywood mega-star celebrates his birthday, where he completes 51 years of age today. And while, listing down his successful films can take a while, his success on television has also been momentous.

Salman entered the TV space in a full-fledged manner with the hit game show, ’10 Ka Dum’ which also had a second season later. However, the best was yet to come for the superstar. After multiple seasons of ’10 Ka Dum’, Salman hosted ‘Bigg Boss 4′ for the first time in 2010.

And as we call in the most cliched way, the rest was history. Six years later, today, we cannot imagine Bigg Boss’ without Salman Khan and here are the reasons why-

His charisma, stage presence and personality is captivating

Back then in 2010, when Salman was roped in to host ‘Bigg Boss 4’, it was considered to be an uphill task for the actor. Why? Because, Salman succeeded the legendary Amitabh Bachchan in hosting the show, where Amitabh hosted ‘Bigg Boss Season 3′. When you are stepping into the legend’s shoes, butterflies are bound to fly in your stomach! However, giving the show his own take, his own style and being absolutely and honestly himself’, Salman absolutely nailed it as the host which was evidently loved and accepted by one and all.

He is the most entertaining host ever

When it comes to ‘Bigg Boss’ history, the show has technically had 5 hosts over the span of 10 seasons. However, there is a reason people remember Arshad Warsi, Shilpa Shetty, Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt’s stint only in a vague manner! While they were fantastic as a host, they were not as impressive as entertainers. Salman broke that barrier and went on to become one of the most entertaining hosts courtesy his one-liners, honest laughs and constant connect with the audience.

He became the ‘Bad Guy’ when it was essential

It is not that we did not see controversies and issues in the respective seasons before Salman Khan took over the mantle. In fact, ‘Bigg Boss Season 2’ was one of the most controversial ones courtesy housemates, Raja Choudhary, Sambhavna Sheth and others. However, little do we remember, Shilpa Shetty being able to fire them and inform the repercussions of doing so. However, Salman Khan decided to become the ‘bad guy’ and made it a point to slam the housemates on the show for crossing the line and even become strict whenever needed.

His connect with the housemates

It is a feat in itself that over the span of six seasons, Salman continues to be loved and adored by the housemates of that respective season too. Even after having feuds with some of the housemates, no one has every denied that there couldn’t be anyone better than Salman Khan as the host of Bigg Boss’. Some have been repetitively vocal about it, while some have been quiet, but the connect that Salman establishes with the housemates every season is pivotal and endearing.

Kyunki Ek baar jo Bhai ne commitment kardi to vo apne aap ki nai sunta..

A couple of seasons ago, there were some issues erupted, where Salman was bashed by the media and others for being rather partial over certain housemates, to which Salman did not react initially. However, things took a major turn, where these rumours increased to such an extent that got Salman furious! And hence, Salman went on-air to say that he will not be hosting Bigg Boss’ ever again.

However, to everyone’s relief, Salman was coaxed into returning as the host of the show next season. And since then, though there has been several instances, where Salman would have easily decided to quit again, he did not. In fact the love and affection for Salman only gets stronger.

These are just some of the many reasons why Salman is undisputedly the most instrumental part of ‘Bigg Boss’ and without whom ‘Bigg Boss’ cannot be imagined. DO you have some more points to be added? Leave in your comments below..
Till then, Do whatever you want to do man, but don’t trouble your mother.’