Week 2 began on a great note but some mishaps are bound to happen, right

So the show started with the usual craziness of the judges and soon Manish Paul, who provided with all the entertainment, went missing from action. The entire episode was hosted and judged by Shahid Kapoor. Of course we missed Manish Paul, but Shahid kept it entertaining and quite funky.

The evening began with Subhreet Kaur Ghumman’s bhagda performance, which started with a bang and put everyone in the party mode. Shahid praised her in Punjabi just like she wished. Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi’s Radhika Madan gave a dhasu performance, but somehow we expected more from her. Even the judges thought so and all of them claimed that her choreographer needs to ideate better. We agree!

Mohit Malik gave a fabulous performance. Apparently, Mohit’s wife Additi has a big hand in all his performances being perfect along with his choreographer Marischa. Faisal Khan and his partner Vaishnavi stunned the judges with their lifts, transitions, lip syncing and flawless dancing. At such a young age they really danced to impress. Shahid declared them the best performer of the day.

Scarlett Wilson was saved from the danger zone and she gave an interesting episode. Lauren Gottlieb revealed that Scarlett is just a gifted dancer; she has never had professional training in it. However, we think her choreographer needs to be more imaginative and not take the easy way out. Considering she is not a popular actor, sustaining on the show is going to be tad difficult for her.

Last performance was by Ashish Chowdhry and his choreographer. Unfortunately, they couldn’t complete the performance as Vrushali suddenly had a severe catch in her leg and rendered her motionless. Now that’s really unfortunate!

All in all week 2 began on a decent note but we hope tomorrow goes better.