Yet another reason to fall in love with the actor..

Nakuul Mehta maybe loved and adored as Shivaay Singh Oberoi in Ishqbaaz, but his true self is a lot more loving and inspiring. The same is reflected in his social media posts, when the actor gets expressive and thoughtful at the same time.

As known to the fans, the actor wasn’t keeping well this past month and albeit the time has passed, the actor shared a special message, where he got pensive and mentioned how it’s important to share the lows of one’s life as the highs are always celebrated by social media-

It’s been a rather challenging month. Challenging on various fronts. Health, work, family, not being able to reach certain goals I set for myself, derailment of certain plans, lack of focus… And the list can go on … It’s been rather tough to not begrudge when you are someone who expects the world from yourself. . However at some point I decided to replace ‘begrudging’ with ‘gratitude’ & change my perspective. It may not have been the greatest of months but here we are.. still doing what we love, surrounded with family & friends who we deeply cherish & have a fresh new opportunity to change things each day. . Not sure how many of us might be fighting similar feelings but maybe it okay to face ’em cause without these challenges how would we appreciate the sweet victories? Ps: I thought it was rather important we share our lows cause our HIGHS are always celebrated in the world of social media/ instant gratification but sometimes it might be okay to share your weakness cause only self acknowledgment will lead to self evolution. And never forget, ‘Winter always turns to Spring’!

We applaud Nakuul for being expressive and enlightening at the same time.

And Kudos to you Nakuul for passing through this phase of life with bravura and patience.