The upcoming Colors show, ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’ starring Siddharth Shukla, Rashami Desai and Jasmin Bhasin came out with its latest promo recently.

And even before we get into the analysis of the same, we can safely say, television is surely getting ‘bolder’.

First of all, it is one of the first non-dialogue promos, which actually makes things very interesting, as it leaves an element of suspense and leaves the interpretation to the viewers’ imagination.

Siddharth Shukla aka Parth and Rashami Desai aka Shaurari are having their absolutely endearing romantic moments together.

Parallelly, Jasmin Bhasin is enjoying life to the fullest dancing, smiling and enjoying the joy of life.

However, once the romantic moments have a standstill, Parth, who is sitting with Shaurari gets surprised by the invasion of Jasmin’s character, sitting back-to-back.

The Good
While, the explanation to the promo may sound convoluted, let me assure you, the interpretation is even more convoluted, but in the good way. The best part about the whole promo is that the interpretation of the promo leaves you with the element of suspense and curiosity.

Siddharth and Rashami’s on-screen chemistry is sizzling to say the least. The bedroom romance and the shower romance, is bold yet aesthetic, where you do not feel that ‘limits are being crossed.’

The build-up of ‘who-is-this’ factor to Jasmin’s character is uncomfortable yet pleasant. Her smiling face and happiness surely has several dark secrets hidden.

The song for the non-dialogue promo could not have been better. Adnan Sami’s melodious voice and A.R. Rahman’s soulful music giving us ‘Aye Udi Udi’ from ‘Saathiya’ for this promo is a match made in heaven.

The Not-So-Good
While the element of suspense is a winner when it comes to this show, the viewers already know that the show is an apparent adaptation of the film, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke. Hence, any factor of curiosity can easily be met with a saddening result if it turns out to be predictable.

The Verdict

There are several intricacies in the promo, where Parth and Shaurari are a happily married couple enjoying the bliss of life. However, if watched closely, Jasmin’s character, who is also smiling and having fun, is doing so in a similar backdrop, where Parth and Shaurari are at. The discomfort on Parth’s face, when Jasmin invades their moment is evident.

So, does this mean she is living in the same house as Parth and Shaurari? Is it a show which directly deals with surrogacy drama and convoluted relationships? Is Jasmin’s character already in love with Parth? Several questions to be answered with a little more wait. All we can say, the idea of TV viewing will receive a change from the regressive content, and we are in for a novel treat.