Love is in the air on Star Plus’ Tere Sheher Mein (Director’s Kut), what with Mantu (Dhruv Bhandari) and Amaya (Hiba Nawab) madly in love with each other!

And giving tough competition to them is the other couple, Ramashrey (Rafi Malik) and Rachita (Anjum Fakih).

As seen so far, Rama fell in love with Rachita at the first sight and has been trying his best to woo his lady love but to no avail. Now with his parents trying to fix up his marriage, Rama will finally find courage to profess his love to the girl.

Shares a source, “Rama is confident about Rachita also being in love with him, so he would decide to propose to her. Also, seeing her tattoo of ‘RG’, he would assume it to be his initials, and go ahead with his proposal.”

Would Rachita agree?

Well, here is a spoiler. The girl would spurn his offer! She would also inform Rama that the tattoo was for her ex-fiancé Rohan Grewal and not Ramashrey Gupta. Rachita would also tell him how she has lost faith in love as it only leads to heartbreaks.

How will this rejection affect Rama? Will this be the end of their love story?

We tried reaching Anjum and Rafi, but they were busy shooting.