Spehereorigins newest love saga, Piya Rangrezz, on Life OK, seems to be too obsessed with neurotic lovers. Wondering why we are saying so?

Well, if Virat’s (Sahil Phull) obsessive love for Shraddha (Kirtida Mistry) was not enough then Rani’s (Sapna Thakur) fascination with Sher (Gaurav S. Bajaj) is sure to spice up the drama some more.

Honestly speaking no complaints, we actually love it.

Coming back to the upcoming track, a source shared with us, “Rani, who is aware of difference between Sher and Shraddha’s conjugal life, will try to harm Shraddha. Rani in the upcoming episodes will trick Shraddha once again to come to a secluded place alone, as the latter will be misguided that her husband’s life is in danger. Unlike the last time Sher will not be aware of the Rani’s plan, while on the other hand, Shraddha will realize that Rani’s infatuation has now taken a serious turn, with Rani trying to harm her.”

Viewers are well aware that earlier also the lady tried to create rift between Sher and Shraddha, but all her attempt failed with Sher taking charge of the situation and saving his wife.

So, what will happen finally? Will Sher be able to save his love again?

We tried reaching Kirtida Mistry for a comment but she remained unavailable.