It is time for Rishi to visit nostalgia…

The popular Colors show, ‘Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki’ is headed for some drama which will be a visit to nostalgia for Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra).

The recent episodes showcased how Tanuja (Shivani Tomar) will be expelled from Rishi’s house, but will win over Bauji (Vijay Kashyap) who will have flashes of Tanu (Kratika Sengar) after pampering Tanuja’s forehead.

The upcoming episodes will be a visit to nostalgia for not only Rishi but for the viewers. Thought Rishi and Tanuja have already had their first encounter, but the upcoming meeting is going to be a special one.

Tanuja will be on a little stool trying to fix the power bulb as the lights are out, while Rishi would get a flashback of their memories. This, was in fact, the same way he first met Tanu.

It is while Tanu was trying to fix a light bulb and Rishi entered was when the duo saw each other for the first time. It was a deja vu moment for Rishi as he holds the stool, while Tanuja tries to fix the light bulb.

Will this nostalgia make Rishi fall in love with Tanuja? Only time will tell.

Are you excited for this walk down the memory lane? Leave in your comments below..