A decade after starting his career as a carefree Mazher in Hip Hip Hurray, Purab Kohli has forayed back to TV with P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke.

The Star Plus show that projects the plight of two prisoners who return home after 17 years has Purab playing Naik Subedar Sartaj Singh. The complex character and beautiful portrayal is giving the actor accolades from all quarters.

Directed by Nikkhil Advani, P.O.W also stars Satyadeep Misra, Amrita Puri and Sandhya Mridul in lead roles.

Purab, who impressed the world with his performance in movies like Jal, Rock On, My Brother Nikhil, Air Lift and more, gets into an exclusive and intensive chat with us.


From Hip Hip Hurray to POW- how do you feel TV has changed over the years?
Of course it has changed a lot. Earlier it was more of the weekly trends, but now people enjoy dailies. Also the content has seen a massive change and though family drama makes the industry popular, I feel there is a scope for viewers to enjoy other things too.

Do you feel any change in yourself as an actor?
See, I am not a trained actor though I did theatres to get the hang of acting. And thus I take each and every role with utmost honesty and try to stick to its emotions and showcase my skills. Thus I wouldn’t compare my journey but I would say that each role has taught me something.

While in Hollywood, an actor moving to TV is considered a promotion, its demotion in our industry…
Well I am not bothered by such ideas. I have always been close to TV and as I make a comeback after 17 years. I am glad that people still remember me for my work that I did back then; I don’t consider moving to TV a demotion and I am honestly open to every medium, the criterion being only good scripts. When I was offered P.O.W and I found out that Nikkhil was directing it, I had no reason to decline the offer.

Did you ever think there would be a show like P.O.W on TV?
Trust me for the last two years when I was hooked to a lot of international series like Games of Thrones, Breaking Bad and House of Cards etc, I did wonder why we don’t have such shows. I used to wonder that when we have so much talent to break the internet, why not get serious.

As a movie actor you are accustomed to Friday night jitters, TV is an everyday test, how are you dealing with it?
When I take up a project, I weigh it well and thus have no nervousness about it. I have complete confidence in my directors and writers that they will tell the best stories, so have no reasons to fear. Thankfully TV is a medium that gets the entire world devoid of class talk about it and thus helps in creating a better buzz.

How was it to work with Nikkhil Advani?
It is excellent. Nikkhil is so tuned that he knows everything that he has planned for the show. Although there are two units, he supervises both and bounces between them with equal energy. He is the key master and is connected with every angle of the series. It’s only because of him that P.O.W is looking so fab.

We have read all about the preparations that you went through for Sarrtaj- did that change you as a person?
No, it hasn’t changed me as I am not someone who gets clouded by what I do. Yes, it was a very complex character but I am enjoying it.

Will you now be more open to TV?
I have always been open to TV or for that matter any other medium. I want to be part of interesting projects that makes me grow. I like to be part of things that fulfill the thirst of an actor in me.

You were part of Jhalak; you game for another reality show?
I don’t know. Jhalak was a very interesting experience but I don’t think there are any other reality shows that I would want to be a part of.

What’s next on the cards?
There is a movie with Sonakshi Sinha, titled Noor that will release in April.

It’s no more a secret that you own a house in Goa. Do you still live there?
(Laughs) It’s been long that I had a chance to go there. However, I would love to visit it very soon.