This drunk drama which will add a twist in the on-going storyline…

Naamkarann is one of the many unconventional shows who caters to a select audience.

Amidst the other turbulence in the life of pivotal characters, the show will now bring to fore some drunk drama which will add a twist in the on-going storyline.

The upcoming episodes of Star Plus show Naamkaran will showcase Ashish all heartbroken and distressed because of his breakup with Asha and Avani and will return home drunk.

At the same time, Dayavanti will have some guests visit her and watching Ashish in an inebriated state will embarrass Dayavanti. But not losing her cool, Dayavanti will take care of the situation by excusing that Ashish is unwell and has been suggested a medicine which has a high alcohol content.

But no human is so dumb to not be able to differentiate between a drunk person and a ‘high on medicine’ patient! The guests will know that Dayavanti is making excuses to save her son’s reputation.

Seems like Dayavanti is having a bad time as her respect is at stake!