We earlier reported on how Sandeep Baswana will soon make an exit from Colors’ Udann where his character will die in a bomblast.

Today, as the actor shoots for his last day on the sets of the show, we speak to him on his experience and memorable moments spent on the show.

Sandeep said, “My entry and exit both were planned right from the beginning of the show. It felt nice to portray a definite character who’s actions and plans were not repetitive. My character was supposed to come to an end within six months of my shoot but with the demands of the script, Ishwar was seen standing by Chakor (Spandan Chaturvedi) throughout her plight. I feel complete and I am glad my character ended gracefully.”

So what next?

The talented actor stated, “I will obviously miss shooting for Udann. Thankfully, the characters I have portrayed in my last two shows – Munna (Hitler Didi) and Ishwar (Udann) have been very entertaining and satisfying. I am hopeful of bagging a substantial character in future. It is very important for an actor to feel nervous about the role he is approached for. What is the thrill in portraying cliched run-of-the-mill roles?”

We are sure the ardent fans want to know what happens next after Ishwar’s death in Udaan! Isn’t it?

To know what happens, read on!

So after Ishwar dies, Abha (Dolphin Dwivedi) will obviously feel shattered and emotionally broken. But hold your hearts as this situation won’t last for long!

While Bhaiyaji (Sai Ballal) and Tejaswini (Prachee Pathak) feel relieved that the proofs against their wrong doings have been burnt along with Ishwar, the show will introduce another twist where Abha will reveal that the proofs have been kept safe with her.

With revenge on her mind, she will fight to make Ishwar’s dreams come to life – bringing justice to the bandhua majdoors’!

But how will Abha do this?

A source informs, “Abha will now be seen as a lawyer who will drag Bhaiyaji and Tejswaini to the room of justice. There will be a courtroom drama where Abha will unleash all of Bhaiyaji’s evil doings!”

So will the bandhua majdoors’ get freedom from the clutches of Bhaiyaji?

Shachi Tapiawala Rathod