&TV’s Waaris (Viniyard Films) is living up to the audiences’ expectations and is doing pretty well among the viewers.

The drama that the creatives manage to bring in this show is addictive.

After we reported about Yuvraaj’s (Lakshya Wahi) real identity getting revealed, here is another major twist that will leave you stunned.

In the coming episodes, Deena (Sucheta Shivkumar) will be killed.

But do you know who would be the murderer?

It will be Yuvraaj and Sushila (Bhavna Balsaver)!

Hold on to your breath as we give you further details on the plot.

Deena will learn that Yuvraaj is not Charan’s (Iqbal Khan) son hence she will decide to make Manu (Saniya Touqeer), the ‘Shah’ of their community. However, this will irk Sushila and Yuvraaj hence they will kill her by throwing her down from the valley.

Furthermore, Manu will see Yuvraaj killing Deena and he will try to search reasons behind Deena’s murder mystery.

When we called the concerned actors, they refused to comment on the same.