You will be travelling to the 90s but..

The modern era has led to several alterations in one’s lifestyle over the years which is no secret to anyone. From playing with friends in the playground to being glued to the cell phones, the idea of having ‘fun’ has changed drastically and certainly for the worse. While, we keep coming across listicles about the reminiscing the beautiful time of 90s, we never relly have had a visual representation of the same, except for the fact that the visuals are etched in our memories forever.

A 90s kid myself, I was excited and looking forward to Sony TV’s latest show, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai. The show promised a nostalgic trip down the lane and now with a few episodes down, let’s analyse if it lived up the promise.

The Backdrop Is An Instant Dose of Nostalgia

We can talk about the hiccups later, but if there is one thing that I commend the makers and especially the art team of the show for, its got to be the backdrop and setting that the show exhibits. From frame one to frame infinity, there is not a single moment, you fill feel that this is just another farcical attempt to recreate the 90s surroundings.

The streets, the houses and even the school portrayed in the show give you the vibe of being in our childhood and I can only imagine the task it must have been for the art team to accomplish the same, considering the commercialization of all the possible surroundings in modern times.

There is also a subtle attempt (which may go unnoticed by others) on making the visual treatment believable by shooting with sepia and low-light cinematography. This is a smart move and it makes the presentation smooth and vintage.

The Characters Are As Real As They Can Be

Yes, there was a wave of regression back in the 90s and no one can deny that. We may be extremely vocal and rebellious about being regressive and downtrodden in terms of our beliefs today, but back then, it was a general approach adopted by everyone and not deterred by anyone. The characters of the aunts in the show and their constant berating of the girls in the house was an absolute reality and the same is subtly portrayed.

In middle-class families, there was always a bunch of thought-imposing people trying to bring a free bird down, but there is also one supporter who is ahead of the time and the norms. In the show, that character is the uncle (chacha) who tries to save the girls some flak by trying to explain that, ‘Hey, it’s not that big a deal.”

The leads of the show, Randeep Rai aka Sameer and Ashi Singh aka Naina are absolutely fantastic and there is not one moment you will feel that these kids are actually just ‘aaj ke bacche’ playing the 90s kids. And the task for these kids must have been momentous as they actually do not belong to the early 90s, where all this was a reality. To not know that and being able to exhibit the character is an applaudable effort and they deserve the credit for the same.

However, The Obvious Hammers Are No Good

I understand how important it is for the makers to exhibit and make the viewers believe that they are indeed witnessing the 90s era, but literally blurting out things are the absolute turn-offs we do not want. For instance, the first couple of episodes portray the protagonists in a camera frame with films that released back then.

Showing them once, understood!
Showing them twice, Ok, I get it.
Showing them thrice, too much man!

The hammering visuals about reminding viewers about the 90s make it a disappointing aspect.

The Plot-line And Its Loopholes

The classic problem of the major loopholes in the plot-line continue to make their way in and here it is about the filmy treatment of the budding love story. Just because we are witnessing a love story that began in the 90s doesn’t mean it it treated in the same manner as that of the 90s. It is apparently being said that the love story is producer, Shashi-Summet Mittal’s own, but I really wonder that the dupatta-tearing and wind blowing phenomenons actually and realistically occurred in their love story.

There Are Some Saviours Too

The above loopholes are somehow covered with the amazing ‘ghar ghar ki kahani’ story-line which is a relief. Back then, when there was a problem the kids had to hide from their parents, there was no technology to save them but instead one had to think on their toes and come up with an idea or a hack to save themselves. Exhibiting that brilliantly and being realistic in showcasing that you will get caught eventually was completely relatable.

The Music and Background Score Become The Perfect Accompaniment

The beautiful flute tunes are mesmerizing and they make you travel back to that era, as I even wonder if we have flutes being used anymore in creating music. The background score for different situations also acts as a perfect accompaniment to the visuals making the show a visual treat.

The 90s Era Is Here And It Is Nostalgic

While, there are some obvious problems with the overall presentation of the show and the base plot, the visual representation, costumes and cinematography is what makes the show a certain watch. Even if you aren’t a fan of quintessential love stories, watch it for the nostalgia of being in your childhood again.

What do you have to say about the same? Leave in your comments below..