Major twist coming up in show Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian! Read to find out more….

Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian on Star Plus currently sees Sam (Monica Sehgal) and Arjun (Aham Sharma) getting engaged, while Radhika (Monica Sehgal) has come across Arjun’s truth that Nandani (Shilpa Saklani Agnihotri) and Arjun are brother-sister and he has come into Sam’s life to take revenge.

But lots coming up! Wondering what?

As per our source, “Radhika will succeed in reaching at Sam and Arjun’s engagement venue and will tell everyone the truth about Arjun. She will expose him as Nandini’s brother which will eave Sam in shock and she will decide to confront Arjun!”

Will Sam and Arjun’s engagement be called off?

No, as Arjun will be ready with a backup plan and he himself will introduce Nandini to Sam. Thus Sam will agree to get engaged to Arjun ignoring Radhika’s concern.

Will Radhika be able to save her friend from getting into a pool a trouble?