Well, off lately, the show’s tracks have been focusing on issues that are considered a stigma socially.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has changed lives in its duration of 9 years, or so we can say, judging by the growing fan base of the show with each passing year. While the show has seen its fair share of drama and saas bahu moments, it has also equally showcased quality and serious content.

One of the prime reasons for the show’s continued success has been that the show’s writers and creatives have time and again weaved social issues and stigmas into the storyline and have had their actors deliver superb performances. And producer Rajan Shahi feels that with the humongous amount of fan following that Yeh Rishta… has amassed over the years, the lessons taught to viewers in a very relevant and realistic manner via the show, to create a difference and also impact quite a majority of his audience.

Now let us come to the most important shift of focus in the show, from Akshara and Naitik to Naira and Kartik. While Akshara and Naitik were an ideal couple for everybody, Naira and Kartik have become the perfect inspiration that the youth today looks up to. How Kartik and Naira love and respect each other as a husband and wife and how the duo have always strived to and succeeded in maintaining a strong bond with their families, has also touched a chord with the audience.

The latest issue that the show has been tackling is how Manish and Dadi are convinced that Kartik has become a Joru Ka Ghulaam’ and is at Naira’s beck and call all the time.

But the question arising here is Why is a supportive husband tagged as the joru ka ghulaam’? We mean, Kartik and Naira met, fell in love, sailed through many hardships in the process of which they got to see parts of the other and understood them and then eventually got married. And wasn’t Naira instrumental for Kartik patching up with his entire family and mending broken ties with his mother and father.? So why is Kartik supporting Naira not sitting well with the family? Why is Dadi of the mentality that even in today’s time the husband must have the upper hand than the wife and if he does not, then he is the pet in their relationship?’

Another scene that really impressed us was how Naitik gives property papers to Naira so that in the wake of an incident where she is questioned yet again by her in-laws, Naira need not come back to her maika, but stay independently and become completely capable of standing on her own feet.

We got talking to the main people in question – Producer Rajan Shahi and the lead actors Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi.

Producer Rajan Shahi is of the opinion that, “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has evolved with time and so have the characters. But the core and spirit remain the same – real emotions and family values. The entire cast has got a new freshness in the show and the credit also goes to our writers, creatives and Director’s Kut Productions team.”

He continues, “The journey of Kartik and Naira and even Naksh and Keerti is relatable and have well worked out. The inter-relationships of all characters is the USP and the team works hard to give the best look, be it costumes, jewellery or production value. We request the fans to keep loving the show and keep giving their valuable inputs.”

Says Mohsin Khan, “I am enjoying playing Kartik because there is a huge range as a performer. And Kartik and Naira’s love story is very real and I am happy that we have connected with all the age groups and also due to the fans for their support.”

Shivangi Joshi says, “The creatives and writers always come up with interesting tracks and stories. And I think the entire team of Director’s Kut Productions, works hard together for the best presentation. The journey of Naira and Kartik has many dimensions and I am looking forward to the journey ahead.”

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